What AC Units Are Sustainable for the Environment?

July 4, 2022

Are you looking for an eco-friendly cooling option for your home? Keeping your home at the right temperature can be a process that takes up a lot of energy. AC units are a common way to cool your home. More modernized versions can keep your home’s interior at the right temperature with less energy use.

Sustainable Air Conditioning for Your Home

There are many residential air conditioning systems to choose from that are sustainable. Here are some tips you can implement to save energy and cool down your home.

Improve the Eco Credentials of the AC Unit

There really is no exact age for when an AC unit should be replaced. Typically, these systems can last anywhere between 15 and 20 years. However, if you live in a more extreme climate, it may last close to 10 years. Regular maintenance is important to keep your AC unit functioning properly. The filter should be replaced or cleaned regularly to keep the consumption of energy down. You should also check the evaporator coil once a year.

Use the Right Coverings for Windows

One of the most sustainable ways to keep your house cool and lower the cost of energy is to invest in the right window coverings. This will reduce how hot your home gets. You can implement solar shades, cellular shades, and drapery to reduce the heat that comes through your house’s windows.

Increase Ventilation

Natural ventilation is another sustainable way to keep your home cool. However, it depends on the climate. Either way, this is an eco-friendly solution. Make sure you open your windows to allow fresh air in and warm air out to ventilate your home. This method can be combined with other strategies to keep warm air out of the house, such as insulation, keeping windows and doors closed, and pulling down the shades on hot days.

Smart Controls

If you run your AC all day and night, you can wreak havoc on your energy use. This is where smart AC controllers come in. These will provide your mini-split, window, or portable heat pump with smart capabilities. They connect your AC to the internet, which enables you to control your AC from anywhere in the world. Now you can manage the temperature in your home in addition to the humidity levels based on the settings you desire. You can also set daily and weekly cooling schedules depending on your routine.

Try an Evaporative Cooler

If the location you live in has lower humidity levels, you can use an evaporative cooler. This is an effective choice and a more eco-friendly way to keep the temperature in your home more comfortable. These use around a quarter of the energy of a central AC unit.

Try a Heat Pump

Eco-heat pumps can also provide energy-efficient cooling for your home. Ground source heat pumps are more energy efficient than traditional AC units. These can operate no matter the climate and can also cut your energy bill by up to 65 percent.

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