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The Importance of Proper Ductwork Installation in Tampa’s Humid Climate: A Guide for Homeowners

April 2, 2024

Living in Tampa, Florida means enjoying beautiful beaches, warm weather, and plenty of sunshine. However, it also means dealing with high humidity levels throughout the year. The hot and humid climate in Tampa can put a strain on your home’s HVAC system, particularly if the ductwork is not properly installed. Proper ductwork installation is crucial for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, improving energy efficiency, and preventing humidity-related issues in your home. In this guide for homeowners, we’ll explore the importance of proper ductwork installation in Tampa’s humid climate. Understanding the Role of Ductwork in Your Home Ductwork plays a crucial role... View Article

An Overview of Duct Cleaning

February 15, 2020

As a homeowner, you’ve gotten pretty good at keeping your house clean. You vacuum, sweep and dust regularly. You wipe down the ceiling fans and take out the trash. You do your dishes and make sure your laundry is clean. Add all that up, and you may believe you’re getting rid of all the dust and dirt inside your four walls. However, you’d be wrong. The air ducts that travel through your home are continually gathering dust and germs. If you’re not considering duct cleaning in Tampa, FL, you could be at risk for several issues. Excessive illness or allergies... View Article

Why Duct Leakage Matters

February 1, 2020

When most people think about the air in their home, their minds go to the big beating heart at the center of their HVAC setup: the air conditioning unit. When something goes wrong with the air conditioning, the average homeowner looks to this central unit for signs of trouble. Sometimes that approach works out, but what happens when you’re experiencing issues with your AC, and there appears to be nothing wrong with the unit itself? It’s time to look past your HVAC unit and into your home’s circulatory system: it’s air ducts. Floridians with AC problems may be experiencing duct... View Article

Tips for Getting Ductwork Installation Done Right

December 20, 2019

Have you ever done any work on your home, only to discover something that makes you scratch your head and say, “Huh, why did they do it that way?” There are certain types of issues like this that you’re unlikely to discover until you start doing some demolition, and strange ductwork is one of those issues. Ductwork is hidden away behind the walls, and generally homeowners don’t give it a second thought. But if you’ve been noticing problems with air leakage or inconsistent heating and cooling in your home, the ductwork is one possible problem. With this in mind, if... View Article

Tips to Help You Design Efficient Ductwork Systems

August 15, 2019

Even the best, most efficient HVAC system, furnace or air conditioner will be hampered by poor ductwork design. After all, if there are flaws in the system that actually delivers the conditioned air throughout your home, then you’re going to have a difficult time getting comfortable in your space. This includes the supply and return ducts, as well as the vents through which they distribute air. Some estimates indicate that a poor design of ductwork (including bad layout) could result in an efficiency decrease of 75 percent, as well as some significant increase in utility expenses to go along with... View Article


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