What You Should Know About Air Conditioning and COVID-19

June 30, 2021

Now that summer’s in full swing, many of us will spend more time inside staying cool under the air conditioner and less time out in the sweltering Florida heat. But with everyone hanging out indoors, do we need to worry about the spread of COVID-19 through the air-conditioning system?

The good news is that there’s no direct link between air conditioning and COVID-19. But any time air is being circulated around a room, the germs, droplets and other particles in the air also spread around. So if someone in your home coughs or sneezes, the AC will allow those particles to spread through the house faster than if the AC wasn’t running.

How to minimize the risk of spreading germs

Taking a few preventative measures can keep you safe when it comes to air conditioning and COVID-19. Follow these tips to ensure everyone in your household stays in perfect health:

  • Replace air filters: The easiest way to lower the risk of spreading germs is to replace your air filters frequently. Your system’s air filters are designed to keep debris out of the unit, but they also help preserve air quality by trapping contaminants before they fly through your home.
  • Clean your system: Mold, bacteria and other germs accumulate in your air conditioner throughout the year, and those particles eventually get blown through the air ducts. One way to handle AC and COVID-19 is to have your system cleaned and tuned up by a professional. Professional cleaning will remove all of those contaminants, so everyone in your home can breathe more easily.
  • Open a window: Be sure to open up a window from time to time to let some fresh air in. Fresh air will disperse the stale indoor air that may be contaminated with germs. You don’t need to leave the windows open for too long, either. Just keeping a few windows open for a few minutes should do the trick.

Have you scheduled yearly maintenance yet?

We recommend scheduling annual AC maintenance each spring, but it’s never too late to have your system checked out. Here are a few reasons to schedule a tune-up ASAP:

  • Retain good air quality: Routine maintenance can help ensure your home has better air quality. With a clean system, you can rest easy knowing there aren’t tons of bacteria, dust and other microbes floating all throughout your home.
  • Prolong unit lifespan: An air conditioner should last for about 15 years—as long as it’s maintained! Scheduling a yearly tune-up ensures your unit lasts for as long as possible, so you won’t have to waste tons of money on a new unit.
  • Reduce energy costs: Everyone wants to save money on their energy bill. One easy way to do that without sacrificing your comfort is scheduling yearly maintenance. Professional tune-ups can increase your energy efficiency by 5 to 15 percent!

Contact us today to maintain your unit

Don’t wait for one more second to schedule routine AC maintenance. Call Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. right now to set up an appointment or to learn a little bit more about AC and COVID-19.

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