Ways to Keep an AC Unit Running Smoothly

October 15, 2021

When well maintained, an air conditioner can last up to 15 years. Good air conditioner maintenance should include routine cleaning, air filter changes and much more. Providing your air conditioner with proper maintenance will not only make it last longer but also help save you money over time.

Below, we’ve provided plenty of information on how to maintain an air conditioner unit.

  • Turn it off: Before performing any kind of maintenance on the inner components of your air conditioner, it’s important to turn off the power. You can do so by locating the exterior shutoff box, which should be near the exterior condenser/compressor. Be sure to also locate the circuit for your air conditioner in your home’s breaker box and switch it off. Turning off your air conditioner is extremely important, as it will help you avoid electrocution.
  • Remove debris: Be sure to keep the area around your outdoor air conditioner unit free from debris, which can include branches, leaves and more. This debris could easily end up inside your system and interfere with the airflow. That’s why most recommend removing all debris within a 2-foot radius of your air conditioner.
  • Change the air filters: Routinely changing your air filters is easy and can help keep your AC unit running at maximum efficiency. The frequency at which you should change your air filters can vary, though most recommend changing them every month or so. Just be sure to routinely check your air filters for layers of dust and other debris—you don’t want those contaminants disrupting the airflow or reinfecting your home’s air supply.
  • Schedule an HVAC inspection: One of the best ways to ensure the efficiency of your AC unit is by scheduling an inspection with a local professional. An HVAC expert will locate any potential issues with your unit and offer recommendations on how to correct them. They will also check all components of your air conditioner to make sure everything is working as it should be.
  • Check for leaks: Leaks can sometimes occur in the HVAC connector and drain lines. If you notice leaks on any part of your HVAC, be sure to contact a repair service right away. Leaks make it much more difficult for HVAC units to run efficiently and can even sometimes lead to bigger issues.
  • Don’t put off repairs: If there’s something wrong with your HVAC unit, contact a repair service provider right away. Putting off even the smallest repairs could result in expensive future repair bills. Also, when your HVAC unit is experiencing issues, it won’t run at maximum efficiency, which almost always leads to higher energy bills.

While you may know ways to keep an AC unit running smoothly, it’s often good to invest in professional maintenance. This maintenance will likely include a tune-up, cleaning, lubrication and much more. If you’re looking for a superior HVAC maintenance service provider, contact the experts at Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. today. We offer fair prices on all our services, which include HVAC maintenance, repairs and installations.

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