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Tips for AC Use During Florida Winters

November 3, 2020

Winter in Tampa, FL means your AC unit gets to take a break. But simply shutting it off isn’t enough to prevent excessive wear and tear. Proper maintenance is required to avoid common pitfalls of the chilly season. Below you’ll find plenty of tips for AC use during Florida winters and how to extend the unit’s lifespan. Replace the air filter Homeowners can extend the life of their AC unit by replacing the air filter once every two months. Air conditioners need filter replacements on a regular basis to prevent dust and pollen from clogging the unit. New filters are... View Article

Six Tips on Keeping AC Coils Clean

September 15, 2020

AC coils support the heat transfer that is vital to proper functioning of your HVAC system. One of the tasks performed during an HVAC maintenance appointment in Tampa, FL is cleaning the coils thoroughly to support this process. While you should leave cleaning primarily to the professionals, there are ways to keep coils clean between appointments. Here are six tips to help you out: Do not touch: AC coils and the fins on the evaporator are delicate. They bend easily, and DIY efforts can damage them. Your HVAC professional uses equipment that can clean them thoroughly without causing damage. So,... View Article

Why Does Your AC System Need Regular Maintenance?

July 6, 2020

Running your air conditioning is often the only way to stay cool during the summer months. However, you can’t just turn on your AC and expect it to work as it should. Central AC units are complex systems that require professional AC maintenance in Tampa, FL to perform at their best. This post will cover a few of the reasons why scheduling seasonal maintenance is so crucial: Prevent breakdowns: The top reason to call a pro for maintenance is to avoid a mid-season breakdown. During the routine maintenance visit, your professional will clean your entire system, fine-tune all components and... View Article

Now Is the Time to Schedule an AC Tune-Up in Tampa, FL

July 16, 2018

Any good homeowner knows that HVAC systems require some TLC throughout the year if you want your AC and furnace to continue working. While you can do some things yourself, like change out the air filters each month, you should also call a specialist for an AC tune-up in Tampa, FL each spring. Continue reading to learn a few of the advantages of calling a pro for a yearly inspection and tune-up: Clean it up for the summer: Air conditioners collect quite a bit of dirt and dust throughout the year. The first thing your AC technician will do is... View Article


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