Now Is the Time to Schedule an AC Tune-Up in Tampa, FL

July 16, 2018

Any good homeowner knows that HVAC systems require some TLC throughout the year if you want your AC and furnace to continue working. While you can do some things yourself, like change out the air filters each month, you should also call a specialist for an AC tune-up in Tampa, FL each spring. Continue reading to learn a few of the advantages of calling a pro for a yearly inspection and tune-up:

  • Clean it up for the summer: Air conditioners collect quite a bit of dirt and dust throughout the year. The first thing your AC technician will do is clean out your unit to ensure all of that dirt and grime is gone. Not only will your unit look spic and span, it’ll perform better, too! Clean units always work better than dirty ones, so be sure yours is as clean as can be.
  • Ensure unit longevity: You want your AC to last for as long as possible—after all, you spent quite a bit of money on it! The easiest way to keep your unit running at peak performance for as long as possible is to have it inspected and tuned up each spring. You’ll be amazed at how many more years you can squeeze out of an AC simply by calling us once a year for a tune-up.
  • Prevent breakdowns: There aren’t too many things worse than AC breakdowns. You’re stuck being miserable inside your home while you wait for the technician, and you may end up paying an arm and a leg for new parts and the repair itself. The good news is that you can avoid that headache by calling us today for a tune-up! Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your unit and replace or repair any parts that look like they could malfunction soon.
  • Retain your warranty: Most (if not all) air conditioners come with some sort of warranty. Regardless of the length of the warranty, you can guarantee that there are quite a few stipulations that could void the warranty if they are ignored. One of those stipulations typically has to do with maintenance. Your manufacturer could void your warranty if you don’t have it maintained by a professional at least once a year.
  • Reduce energy costs: As air conditioners get up there in age, they tend to use up more and more energy to keep your home cool. That’s a huge bummer when you open up your electric bill each month! Calling us now to inspect and clean up your unit can help keep your energy costs lower and your AC running at peak performance. A quick tune-up could save you hundreds of dollars this summer on your electric bill—it just makes sense to call us today!

Just because it’s already July doesn’t mean it’s too late for an AC tune-up in Tampa, FL. Give Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. a call any time to come take a look at your unit and make sure it’s good to go for the rest of the season.

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