Tips for AC Use During Florida Winters

November 3, 2020

Winter in Tampa, FL means your AC unit gets to take a break. But simply shutting it off isn’t enough to prevent excessive wear and tear. Proper maintenance is required to avoid common pitfalls of the chilly season. Below you’ll find plenty of tips for AC use during Florida winters and how to extend the unit’s lifespan.

Replace the air filter

Homeowners can extend the life of their AC unit by replacing the air filter once every two months. Air conditioners need filter replacements on a regular basis to prevent dust and pollen from clogging the unit. New filters are a simple preventative measure to help avoid costly damage in the future.

Filter replacements improve the air quality inside your home. If your allergies are acting up or the air feels stuffy, your AC unit’s air filter is due for a change. Filters are easy to replace on your own, and you can find them at your local hardware store. For advice on which filter to install, you could also speak with an HVAC contractor in Tampa, FL.

Clean your air ducts

Sometimes it takes more than a new filter to restore your home’s indoor air quality. Clearing the buildup in air ducts is an essential tip for AC use during Florida winters. A filter replacement is simple enough, but too many homeowners overlook the importance of deep cleaning their ductwork. Clear out the pet dander, dust and pollen in those air ducts before shutting down your AC for the next few months.

Cover AC units when not in use

One tip for AC use during Florida winters is to purchase a cover for your unit. AC units need proper care, even if homeowners aren’t using them. When summer returns, the air conditioner must be in top shape to help you survive Tampa, FL heat waves. Uncovered units are susceptible to damage without you realizing it.

Winter brings unfavorable weather conditions that may damage your AC unit. Even though Florida winters are mild compared to those in other regions, frigid rain could leak into the unit and cause a malfunction. On top of that, high winds lodge bits of yard debris in the outdoor condenser. If you’re shutting off the AC during cooler months, save money in the long run and cover your AC unit.

Give your AC unit a break

Winter in Florida is a great time to save on your energy bill. Since the weather is getting chilly outside, power down the AC if you don’t need it. There’s no point in making the AC work overtime like it has to during hot seasons. Ceiling fans have the dual benefit of helping you save money and reduce overall wear and tear on your AC unit.

Before your AC unit retires for the season, an HVAC contractor should check it for underlying issues. The professionals at Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. have been in business for decades and know how to make AC units last through Florida winters. Read more about our maintenance services and tell us how we can help!

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