Ductwork Cleaning Tips for Removing Dust and Debris

October 24, 2022

Having clean air in your home is very important. Your air ducts are one part of your home that needs to be kept in good condition and clean to ensure good air quality. The ducts are responsible for moving heated and cooled air through your home. While they can last a long time, they do accumulate dust and debris over the years. Fortunately, there are various ductwork cleaning tips that you can follow that will help ensure your ducts remain clean and that you have good air quality. 

Be Safe When Cleaning Ducts

While cleaning air ducts is not an overly dangerous and challenging task, there are still certain tips you can follow to ensure that you are safe. To start, you should ensure that your thermostat and fans are turned completely off before you start. This will help prevent dust from blowing at you while you are cleaning. Also, you should make sure that you wear protective gloves and eyewear before getting started. If the ducts are high off the ground, you should make sure you have a stable ladder and shoes to provide support and protection.

Wipe Everything Clean

When you clean the air ducts, the most important task you will need to follow is to wipe everything clean. Dust and debris tend to build up the most around the vents, which is good as this area of the ducts is the most accessible. You should invest in a duct brush and wipes that will allow you to reach and sweep deeper into the ducts. It would also be wise to wipe and clean off the vents before placing them back on.

Replace Air Filter

Once you have finished cleaning out the ducts, you should turn the fans back on for a short time to recycle the remaining dust. In some cases, this may require you to wipe and sweep a second time. Once this is done, you should replace the air filters. Ideally, the filters should be replaced at least once every three months and after each duct cleaning. 

Do Not Delay

If you have a home with ducts, it is important that you never delay cleaning and sweeping them out. Ideally, you should have them cleaned out at least a couple of times per year. If you notice that your filters are dirty or the vents are clogged, you may want to clean them out even more periodically. 

The ducts of any home are very important as they help to keep your home comfortable and safe and move heated or cooled air from the HVAC system to all areas of your home. At the same time, they can get dirty and accumulate dust and debris. By following these tips for removing dust and debris from air ducts, you can help to ensure that your air ducts remain clean and free of these particles. 

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