Questions Your HVAC Contractor in Tampa, FL Should Ask You Before a System Upgrade

May 31, 2019

Upgrading or replacing your home’s heating and cooling system is an investment, as well as something you want to last for a long time. In order to choose the best option for your household, you need to ask your HVAC company questions and gather important information. That said, there are actually also some questions your HVAC contractor in Tampa, FL should be asking you.

What are your comfort levels?

The contractor will want to know what makes you comfortable indoors so he or she can determine the best size system for your home and needs. When asked, think back to the times when your current HVAC was functioning properly. Was there a certain temperature you regularly set the thermostat to during the summer? What did you set the heater to in the wintertime? You might like your indoor environment cool all year long, which means you are going to benefit from a large air conditioning system. However, if you go through the summer months not using the AC much, then a smaller cooling system will suffice.

Another thing the HVAC contractor should ask is whether anyone in your household suffers from seasonal allergies. While peak pollen times tend to put some folks out of commission, poor indoor air quality in general can cause breathing problems. If this applies to you, then an HVAC system that filters and improves air quality should be on your radar.

Is technology important to you?

If you want to take advantage of the technological advances offered by some HVAC systems, your contractor will put a focus on certain features, including programmable thermostats, smartphone system monitoring capabilities and remote access.

How long do you plan on living here?

There’s a good reason why HVAC contractors ask this question. Knowing the length of time you intend to live in the home gives them an idea of what systems to suggest based on type and cost. For instance, if you plan to stay where you are for a long time—say, more than 10 years—a high-efficiency, high-end HVAC system is the better option. These systems will last longer and operate more efficiently than most standard units. But if you’re thinking of selling soon, a more basic system may be the best financial option.

Also, let your contractor know of any planned home additions or big remodeling projects. You might want to choose a larger setup to handle the home’s future size.

What’s your heating and cooling budget each month?

Before suggesting a few system options, a reputable HVAC company will take your monthly budget for heating and cooling into account. Many households these days want to cut down on energy usage and costs as much as possible. If you’re the environmentally responsible type, then you’ll want to look into energy-efficient systems. It’s true that high-efficiency HVAC equipment is more expensive than standard setups, but your contractor will be able to help you navigate through it all.

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