Why Duct Leakage Matters

February 1, 2020

When most people think about the air in their home, their minds go to the big beating heart at the center of their HVAC setup: the air conditioning unit. When something goes wrong with the air conditioning, the average homeowner looks to this central unit for signs of trouble. Sometimes that approach works out, but what happens when you’re experiencing issues with your AC, and there appears to be nothing wrong with the unit itself?

It’s time to look past your HVAC unit and into your home’s circulatory system: it’s air ducts. Floridians with AC problems may be experiencing duct leakage in Tampa, FL.

The air funnel

After your HVAC unit processes and compresses refrigerant, it blasts fresh air through your home. That clean, conditioned air travels through your house’s air ducts, a network of sheet metal highways that push cold air into your home and force hot air out.

Most homeowners don’t fully understand the importance of a fully-functioning air duct system. It is responsible for making sure that your conditioned air gets where it’s supposed to go. When you’re experiencing duct leakage in Tampa, FL, however, you’re compromising your air ducts’ ability to work correctly.

Loss of efficiency

Over time, the buildup of dirt and debris combined with the constant flow of air through your ducts will lead to the formation of tiny holes and cracks. You may also experience a weakening of the seals between the individual ducts. These issues will cause the conditioned air to seep out of your ductwork and into the surrounding environment, resulting in a massive loss of efficiency in your HVAC unit. This loss of efficiency can cause several issues for your home.

Wear and tear

To get the same sense of comfort you and your family are used to, your HVAC system has to work much harder than usual. That extra effort can substantially decrease the lifespan of your AC unit’s individual components. The result is higher maintenance fees to either fix or replace the parts that are continually breaking down.

Energy costs

In addition to the increased attention to your primary unit that duct leakage necessitates, homeowners will find that their monthly energy bill increases dramatically. After all, as your central HVAC unit is forced to work harder, it draws more energy off the grid.

General discomfort

When the holes and cracks in your home’s air ducts get bad enough, you’ll find that some rooms in your home are no longer comfortable. Try as it might, your central HVAC unit needs a reliable duct system to do its job. When you’re suffering from duct leakage, you’re getting all of the costs of air conditioning with few of the benefits.

Your duct pros

There’s no need to suffer from duct leakage in Tampa, FL. The highly-trained technicians at Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services are ready and waiting to help you reclaim the comfort in your home. We’re proud to offer the region’s best HVAC services. Let us prove it to you—visit us online or give us a call today. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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