Four Things to Check Before Turning Your Air Conditioning On

June 1, 2018

The hottest days of the year are just around the corner, which means that you need your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently now more than ever. In order to ensure that your entire air conditioning system is indeed ready to keep you and your family cool all summer, here are four tips from your local AC repair service in Tampa, FL on what you should be checking before you turn your AC on this season:

  • Replace air filters: Get a fresh start by making sure that you replace your air filters before turning your air conditioning on this summer. A clogged filter can not only affect the air quality that you and your family breathe, but it can also cause problems for your system as a whole. All of the debris that collects on a dirty filter could be blowing into your motor or other internal parts, which could eventually lead to repairs that might have been preventable.
  • Clear drain lines: Your air conditioner’s drain line is typically located in the basement near the furnace, and if this line ever gets clogged or backed up, it can create major problems in your home, including flooding or water damage. Your drain lines should be cleaned at least once a year, and doing so ahead of the summer season can help you avoid any issues that go along with running your system continuously.
  • Check condition of the ducts: While poor ductwork won’t necessarily cause your system to stop working completely, it could affect the overall efficiency of your system and cost you a lot of money in the process. If there are any gaps or weaknesses in your ducts, your conditioned air could be escaping before it ever has the chance to cool your home. This could also force your system to work harder to maintain output, putting an additional strain on your system that could cause your energy bills to increase as well.
  • Check on the outside unit: Making sure that the outside unit of your air conditioner is in suitable shape is just as important as checking on the rest of the system within your home. Your outside unit should remain clear of debris, and any overgrown grass or piles of leaves should be cleared from around the unit. If the internal components of the outside unit are blocked, it could affect the performance of your entire system. You can also visually inspect the condition of the refrigerant lines, and if there are any leaks or holes, make sure to call in a professional right away.

AC upkeep can be difficult, and there are many aspects of maintenance that you should have checked out by a professional, especially if your system is on the older side. If you are looking for the most comprehensive AC repair service in Tampa, FL, contact our team at Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. Although you may turn your air conditioner on intermittently throughout the year, if you want to make sure that your unit is ready to successfully make it through the entire summer season, make sure you give us a call today for all your repair and maintenance needs.

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