Tips to Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner

September 22, 2021

Given the amount of money required to install an air conditioning unit at your property, it’s important that you take all possible steps to extend its lifespan.

The life expectancy you can get from your air conditioner will depend in large part on the model of the unit you have. But even more than that, the caliber and consistency of your preventative maintenance will influence how long your unit will be able to last.

Here are some tips for how to make an AC unit last longer:

  • Clean the unit: You should make it a point to clean your air conditioning unit regularly. The outdoor unit will get dirty from plants, leaves and other debris in the area. Clear away all debris to make sure it does not affect the operation of the unit. A clean outdoor unit results in a much lower chance of breakdown.
  • Schedule tune-ups: Work with a local HVAC technician to schedule regular tune-ups for your air conditioner. Getting these tune-ups done regularly is crucial for extending the unit’s life and keeping it in good condition. People will typically have their units tuned up in the spring, right before the main summer cooling season arrives, but having the unit tuned up at any time of year will help you extend its usable lifespan.
  • Turn it off occasionally: Air conditioners that are left to constantly run will see their condition degrade much faster than units that get some regular rest. Schedule your system to turn off for much of the day while you are at work, or turn it off when you’re leaving to go on vacation. The longer your system runs without a break, the more likely you are to experience issues with premature wear and tear.
  • Change the filter: In addition to cleaning the exterior unit, you should pay some special attention to keeping the interior unit clean. Part of that is changing your filter on a regular basis. Replacing the filters in your unit each season will extend the lifespan of the unit while also greatly improving its overall efficiency, allowing you to save some money on your monthly energy bills. Dirty filters force the unit to work harder to cool the air, which will result in more wear and tear to the unit’s components.
  • Improve circulation: Keep all of your home’s vents open and make sure they are not obstructed by any furniture. This will improve ventilation, allow the air to move more freely and result in better overall performance that will extend the system’s usable lifespan.
  • Clean your ducts: You should occasionally inspect your home’s ductwork to make sure it’s not packed with too much dirt and debris. Over time, this debris will accumulate, resulting in it being harder for the cold air to pass through. Regular air duct cleaning prevents the ducts from getting blocked and improves efficiency and performance.

For more tips on extending the life of an AC unit, contact the team at Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. today.

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