HVAC Energy Saving Tips for Spring

February 2, 2021

We all know summer is the hottest time of year, but spring isn’t exactly cool, either. Even before summer arrives, you may find yourself running your HVAC system in spring to cool off your home in Tampa, FL.

To escape the heat (and the humidity), we tend to stay indoors, where the temperature is cooler. That change in climate doesn’t come from nowhere, though—it takes energy to keep your HVAC system maintaining the temperature at a comfortable level. Here are some tips for HVAC energy saving in Tampa, FL to help you stay comfortable indoors:

  • Keep hot air out: No matter how cool you keep your house, it will only stay that way if the hot air outside doesn’t have a way to get in. When the house is cool, if you’re running an air conditioner, be sure to keep your doors and windows closed. Also, be sure to check for and seal any drafts around windows and doors where you feel warm air getting in.
  • Cover your windows: Not only should you keep the windows closed, but you should keep them covered during the day, especially if they’re facing the sun and especially when nobody’s home.
  • Maintain your AC unit: If your AC unit doesn’t seem like it’s working up to par, try giving it a little tune-up. You should replace or clean the filter every month (or every other month when it’s especially hot), and it may need even more attention if you have pets or if there is a lot of dust in the area. The coils in the evaporator and condenser should also be cleaned periodically.
  • Replace your old air conditioner: If your air conditioner is old and inefficient, it might make sense to look at replacing it with a modern one. Look at getting an Energy Star-certified unit for maximum HVAC energy savings in Tampa, FL.
  • Window AC units: If you’re spending most of your time in one or two rooms when it’s hot outside, it might be more cost effective to get a window-mounted air conditioner unit. They are cheaper to install, cheaper to run and more efficient, since there are fewer ways for them to leak air.
  • Ceiling fans: Fans provide a great way of keeping cool, and ceiling fans can lower the effective temperature you feel in a room by circulating the air around and keeping it moving against your skin. They also help regulate the humidity, which is the real culprit when things feel too hot to bear.
  • Be smart with the thermostat: It doesn’t make sense to keep the air conditioner running when nobody’s home, so be sure to adjust it accordingly when you leave the house. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests keeping the thermostat at 78 degrees when nobody’s home. After all, you can always crank it up again when you get home!

For more tips on how to enjoy HVAC energy savings and how to use your HVAC system in spring in Tampa, FL, call or visit Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. today.

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