What’s the Average Air Conditioner Lifespan in Florida?

November 17, 2020

A good air conditioner is one of those things you can’t live without in Tampa, FL. The average AC life in Florida depends on how close you live to the shoreline and how frequently you service the unit. Here are several factors to keep in mind while calculating your AC unit’s life expectancy.

AC units last around 10 years

The average AC life in Florida is 10 years when the unit is serviced on a regular basis. When an AC unit is functioning at its best, you can expect up to 15 years of use before replacing it. However, AC units could break down before hitting the 10-year mark if homeowners don’t establish and stick to a maintenance routine.

It’s easy for people living in Tampa, FL to neglect their air conditioners until they give out in the middle of summer. The AC is usually located in the basement or garage where homeowners can forget about it. Anything that’s out of sight is out of mind, too. AC units won’t reach their average lifespan if homeowners expect them to run perfectly on their own, without any professional attention.

Florida weather damages the unit

The expected lifespan of your air conditioner decreases when you live close to the ocean. Salty air drifts in from the shoreline and messes with the inner mechanisms of your AC unit. Humidity in the air can also prevent the AC unit from performing like normal. If you want to enjoy that ocean view to its fullest every morning, make sure your air conditioner can handle the elements.

Due to their location, homeowners in Tampa, FL have to service their AC units a lot more frequently than residents who live closer to the center of the state. No one looks forward to spending money when it seems pointless. However, regular maintenance guarantees your AC unit will reach that average AC life in Florida. When it comes to air conditioners, you have to spend a little to save a lot.

Regular maintenance is key

Just like every home appliance, AC units need consistent upkeep to make sure they’re functioning properly. A big reason why HVAC contractors recommend a maintenance schedule is because AC units are very expensive. Once it breaks down, a replacement will cost thousands of dollars. Get the most out of your AC by checking in with your local HVAC contractor.

You can greatly reduce the likelihood of damage by following a few quick steps. Trim the bushes around your AC unit so it’s surrounded by at least two feet of space. If you live near the beach, hose down the air conditioner and remove any debris carried in by heavy wind storms. However, only an HVAC contractor will be able to detect serious issues with your AC unit. At-home care is highly encouraged, but not a substitute for professional servicing.

If you don’t remember your AC unit’s last tune-up, that means it’s time for a visit from Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. Our HVAC contractors are licensed to service, repair and install new units. We’re available 24/7 so you’re not left with a broken air conditioner during a massive heat wave. All you have to do is send a quick message and we’ll be on our way.

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