When It’s Time for HVAC Replacement

September 4, 2019

Air conditioning is a big investment for every home and business owner. When the temperatures rise, you want the AC working at the highest level. Part of that is providing regular maintenance through a licensed HVAC technician. But eventually, even the best maintained systems will begin to break down due to wear and tear.

Knowing when it’s time for HVAC installation in Tampa, FL is important. The last thing you want is the heavy, muggy air invading your home and leading to mold and respiratory problems. Read on to find out about how a new HVAC system might be right for you:

  • High repair costs: Just like with older model cars, repairs for older AC systems will begin to add up. Once it seems like you’re calling the repair technician with increasing regularity, then it might be time to retire the old system. In the long run, it will be less expensive and more convenient to have a new unit that works well and doesn’t require frequent maintenance.
  • Energy bills climbing: Year over year, costs for energy should be relatively similar. But if you’re noticing that, compared to the same month last year, your energy expenses are far higher, then this is a sign of a system that’s run its course. Plus, newer systems are more energy efficient and can save you tons of money on bills.
  • Age of system: Units that are more than a decade old are more likely to need replacement. This is in line with federal recommendations on how frequently HVAC systems should be replaced. Also, older systems are more likely to use a refrigerant called R-22. This chemical is outdated and harmful to the environment. Newer models will reduce your family’s carbon footprint and slash your energy bills.
  • Odd sounds and smells: Do you notice that the AC is kicking on very loudly? Perhaps strange odors are being emitted from the vents. These are never good signs. If a quick cleaning doesn’t do the trick, it could mean that your system’s been invaded by mold. Grinding or squeaking could mean that some components aren’t functioning properly.
  • Discomfort: Does it seem like the temperature in your home is never quite right? There are numerous possibilities here, from a dysfunctional thermostat to low fluid levels or damaged ducts. A professional HVAC technician will be able to complete an analysis and provide advice on next steps.

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Our team strives to provide dependable and high-quality service by only using the best, most energy-efficient equipment. We are as concerned with your unit as you are, and will always offer advice on how to increase its efficiency and reliability. From maintenance to installation, we have you covered. We are also the highest rated Trane comfort specialists in Tampa, which means we meet Trane’s stringent standards in service as well as customer satisfaction. Call today to learn more and ask about a free quote!

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