Swamp Cooler vs. Air Conditioner in Tampa, FL: Which Will Work Better?

September 4, 2018

If you live in Florida, then you know the importance of having an efficient cooling system installed in your home. The right type of cooling unit will keep the air inside your home at a comfortable temperature. But which type of unit is the best option for your Florida home: an air conditioning unit or a swamp cooler? While swamp coolers typically cost less than air conditioners, you must consider the Florida heat and do thorough research to ensure you’re choosing the right residential cooling system for your needs.

So, will a swamp cooler work well in Florida? To answer this question, let’s review some facts in a comparison between a swamp cooler vs. an air conditioner in Tampa, FL.

Swamp coolers

A swamp cooler (also called an evaporative cooler) can do a great job of cooling a small space. If your evaporative cooler is not installed in a wall—like in some larger commercial spaces—then it’s easy to move it from one room to another. They are also low maintenance, eco-friendly and affordable to buy and use. These units use water to cool the air, so the water needs to be added every few hours or so. Using water to cool the air works well in dry, desert-like climates, because humidity is being put into the air.

Living in Florida, you are all too familiar with the high humidity during certain times of the year. A swamp cooler could work fine for dry months, but you will need to supplement your cooling needs with a compressor-based cooling system, like an air conditioner, during the humid season. In short, since Florida yields a lot of humidity, using an evaporative cooler may not be an effective cooling solution.

Air conditioning units

When it comes to air conditioners for homes, you’ve got several options: central air conditioning, window AC units, portable ACs and wall AC units. Central units are the most expensive of them all, but are a good investment for Florida residents. A professional can have your new system installed in a short amount of time. Once installed, you and your family will get to enjoy cool, moisture-free indoor air.

When compared to swamp coolers, air conditioning units do a much better job at removing humidity from indoor air during the hotter, more humid months. The key to season-long moisture-free coolness is regular maintenance to ensure proper function. Don’t hesitate to contact your air conditioning installer if your AC unit doesn’t seem to be running efficiently in your Florida home. Choose an air conditioning option that ensures humidity is removed from the air in your house.

Having a swamp cooler vs. an air conditioner in your Tampa, FL home can mean enduring hot, humid air during some parts of the year. For most Florida residents, the best cooling option is likely to be a central air conditioner. For more information about installing a central air conditioning system in your home, call the team at Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. today!

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