How to Prepare Your Home for New AC Unit Installation

February 5, 2020

So, the time has come to replace your old air conditioning unit with a new, energy-efficient one. This means calling around for quotes and discussing with HVAC technicians the best AC unit size and model for your needs. Once you select your new air conditioner, you’ll need to schedule a day to have it installed. It won’t take long to put the air conditioning unit in place, but the total length of the installation process time will depend on factors like your home’s electrical system and capacity and whether you’ve decided to update the ductwork at the same time.

It’s important to be ready for installation day before the crew arrives. Here are five tips to help you prepare your home for AC unit installation in Tampa, FL:

  • Be reachable in person or by phone: The new unit will need to be hooked into your home’s main power. In the event the unit requires more amps than your home currently has, you’ll need to upgrade your electrical system to accommodate the AC’s energy needs. So, even though the unit goes on the outside of your house, the AC installer will need access to the inside of your home to deal with electrical connections. That day, plan to be home, or grant them access to your house in your absence and be reachable by phone.
  • Clear a path: Be sure to clear all possible paths to the AC unit installation site around your property, including the driveway, walkways and side yards. Move everything (patio furniture, potted plants, toys) so the crew can bring the unit through with ease. Pick up inside, too—they will likely need access to your attic or basement and nearby walls to connect power.
  • Cover furniture and belongings: If you are replacing old ductwork at the same time, cover everything—furniture, countertops, bathroom fixtures, belongings, even closet items. This step is extremely important, because there will be a lot of banging going on to remove old ducts and install new ones, and things will get messy. Covering everything you own with blankets, bed sheets or plastic will protect it from falling dust and debris.
  • Make plans for kids and pets: HVAC installers should not have to watch out for your kids and pets. They need to focus on the task at hand, and having little ones underfoot is not only a distraction, it’s also a safety hazard. To ensure the crew can do their job and be done in the timeframe discussed, make plans for children and pets to stay somewhere else for the day. Reach out to a friend or family member for this favor well ahead of your service date.
  • Ask questions: Don’t hesitate to ask the AC installation company questions about the installation process. For example, find out if there’s anything in particular that you need to do to prepare, and confirm the work order details.

For more information about the ins and outs of AC unit installation in Tampa, FL, contact Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. Call us today with questions or to schedule an appointment!

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