Top Six Reasons for HVAC Repair During the Winter Months

January 22, 2020

If a home or commercial building you own has a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, then it’s up to you to ensure it stays in good condition all year long—especially come winter. Different seasons bring different HVAC problems, but winter is not the season to have to worry about major maintenance needs.

Below are the top six reasons for HVAC repair in Tampa, FL during the winter months:

  • Dirty air filters: Your HVAC system’s air filters can become dirty or clogged at any time of the year, but winter tends to bring more issues in this department. The amount of air pollution will vary from home to home and room to room based on factors like the number of people in your household and whether or not you have pets. A dirty air filter prevents the furnace from circulating air properly, and this reduces indoor air quality.
  • Unusual noises: There are normal noises that come from HVAC systems… and then there are unusual sounds, some of which are cause for concern. Even though most of these noises are normal for healthy HVAC function, never ignore strange sounds when your HVAC is running, like rattling, rumbling and squeaking. These sounds don’t always point to a problem, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Power the system down and call an HVAC technician for an evaluation.
  • Faulty thermostat: Your HVAC is most likely connected to a single thermostat. If something funky is going on, like the HVAC system doesn’t know whether to activate the heater or cooler, then heating and cooling efficiency cannot be achieved. Consider that you might have a broken thermostat. When this crucial part of the HVAC system is broken, the fan can fail, and then everyone will experience significant discomfort.
  • Broken switches: Another reason you might need HVAC repair in Tampa, FL is to replace broken switches. All the switches on your HVAC system have important jobs, as they are the operators of the heating and cooling equipment. For example, the pilot light or ignition switches tell the furnace when to send heat through.
  • Regular use: Not surprisingly, you’re going to use your heater more in the winter and the air conditioner more in the summer. Frequent use leads to elevated wear and tear that can cause system malfunctioning, airflow problems and issues with the controls. Make sure the air filters aren’t clogged, because the system will have to work harder, which can damage the switches.
  • Constant cycling or won’t turn off: Your heater should not constantly turn on and off. If it does, something is wrong. The most common culprit is a dirty filter, improper airflow or a bad thermostat.

It’s common to run into HVAC issues in the winter, especially if you use the heater a lot on cold days and nights. Regular maintenance is the key to a long-lasting heating and cooling system, so don’t ignore the signs of necessary HVAC repair in Tampa, FL. Call the team at Kenny’s Air Conditioning & Heating Services, Inc. today to schedule a service appointment!

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