How to Prepare Your Home for Air Conditioner Installation in Tampa, FL

June 14, 2019

Purchasing a brand-new air conditioning unit is a big decision, and a significant investment for your home or business. But choosing and paying for the equipment is only one step in the process—you also have to schedule a time for an HVAC crew to come through and install your new air conditioner. In most cases, the installation process will generally last one to three days, depending on the type of system or unit, the ease of access to the installation site and your schedule. Some amount of preparation on your part can help the job run smoothly and quickly.

Below are a few suggestions to prepare your home for air conditioner installation in Tampa, FL.

Clean and seal air ducts

When scheduling an installation time for your new air conditioner, consider this an opportunity to have your HVAC system’s air ducts professionally cleaned and sealed. While there are many benefits to ductwork cleaning, topping this list is that the process removes dust, dirt and other debris from your ducts and your home’s interior. Cleaning also improves indoor air quality and eliminates a lot of the contaminants that cause heating and cooling systems to wear out prematurely. And don’t forget duct sealing! This improves efficiency and reduces a considerable amount of heat loss or gain to save you money on your monthly energy bills and extend the life of the system.

Clear the work area

Before your scheduled installation date comes around, be sure to remove any obstructions from the area where your air conditioner is to be installed. Since your new central AC unit will be installed outside, you may need to move or rearrange items like patio furniture, potted plants and junk that has collected next to the shed. In other words, you need to clear a pathway to give the installers total unobstructed access through your yard and to the installation location. The crew will be transporting large, bulky and heavy tools and equipment, so if something has the potential to be a trip hazard, remove it.

Make sure someone is home

Because your new central air conditioning unit is going to be installed outdoors, you might think you don’t need to be home during the process—but you do, or at least someone does. The HVAC contractor will need access to the thermostat, breaker box and other indoor components of your system. Find out how many days they need to complete the work so you know when you need to be at home. The company may also agree to take possession of a spare house key so they can come and go as they please without your having to be present. You will sign a form conforming you’ve released a key to them and that no one will be home during the installation process.

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