Should I Have My Air Ducts In My Home Cleaned?

May 18, 2022

Your air ducts are the passageways in your home that carry warm and cool air throughout your house. Over time, they can become filled with dust and dirt that can cause your family allergic reactions and other respiratory problems. You may have been thinking about getting your home’s air ducts cleaned. There are many reasons to consider this home project. 

Should I Get My Air Ducts Cleaned?

The short answer is yes. Air ducts provide a critical function in your home to keep consistent comfort and temperature in each room, regardless of the time of year. Air in your home circulates throughout the ducts multiple times throughout the day. Imagine how much you rely on your ducts to provide clean and comfortable air to your home.

Duct cleaning is the removal of dust and other particles within the ductwork. You’ll also want to include the supply and return ducts and any registers you may have. Professional vacuums are powerful and help prevent dust from circulating into your home. 

What Are the Benefits of Getting Air Ducts Cleaned?

1. Cleaner Living Environment

Cleaning your air ducts stops any potential dust circulating throughout your living space. Dust can land on different areas in the home, including furniture, beds, and flooring. Cleaning will help keep your home more hygienic and reduce the need for frequent dusting. 

2. Reduces Allergens And Irritants

Many microorganisms cause allergies and other respiratory problems. Bacteria, pet dander, mold, pollen, and mildew travel through uncleaned air ducts. Clean air ducts will prevent dirty air from getting recirculated. 

3. Reduces Smells and Odors

There are many causes of stuffy smells from your air ducts, including mold, mildew, smoke, cleaning agents, pets, and paint fumes. Thorough cleaning of the ducts helps trap odor particles and create a healthier and fresh-smelling home.

4. Creates Better Efficiency

Clean air ducts do not have to work as hard to move air from one room to the next. A harder operating HVAC system means that your energy bills can skyrocket. Clean systems operate at peak efficiency to prevent any breakdown or excessive bills.

5. Makes Breathing Easier

Chronic allergies and respiratory problems result from dirty air flowing through your house. Even if you are a healthy person, you are still compromised by dirty ductwork. Cleaning helps create a more comfortable living environment.

Cleaning your air duct system is best when professionals complete the job. Air duct cleaning is complex, and you’ll need to know about HVAC systems and specialized tools. Commercial grade vacuums and brushes are used to clean the debris from the system, and the average homeowner does not have these tools or knowledge. 

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